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Kevin Nathan wrote:
Hear, hear! My current development work (a web application) suffers
from not having enough testers.

The request comes from the developers of openSUSE and Novell to give as
much feedback as possible. It is easier to say that it is a dupe then to
later say, we never got it.

Which does remind me, I still need to file that zypper dup bug report.

When in doubt, put it in bugzilla. The worst that can happen is that
nobody looks at it.

I don't recall ever having that happen to my bugs. One or two ended up being
closed after being passed upstream, and yes they were KDE4 bug reports.

What I always try to explain is that even if you are NOT a programmer,
you can still can give feedback.

Unfortunately, some people suffer from the "can't be bothered" syndrome. It
takes extra effort on their part and they would rather moan and groan about
it than do anything to get things fixed.

Some things are very easy to implement and still take a long time.
Sometimes there are legal reasons for doing things (BTW: rembrand needs a

I don't think rembrand needs a maintainer, at least not any longer. The sole
purpose was to remove Novell/SUSE branded files from the distro and so to
make it easier to create your own branded version of it. Then they added the
branding policy and all the things it was supposed to remove were moved into
the separate branding packages. These are easily replaced by other branding
packages. This change in the packaging policy, and the work done to
implement it, has eventually make it obsolete.

In general the developers do have a will to listen and as
long as you have requests with a good foundation and feedback, they will
try to implement it.

Maybe. It all depends on the numbers[0]. If enough people want it, they will
probably try. If there aren't, unless it's something the developers feel
strongly about, then they won't.

[0] Like the apparent decision to drop support for the PPC systems. As only
0.3% of the downloads of 11.1 were for PPC-based systems, it looks like they
are going to drop support for them. This would be a pity as it's about the
only polished PPC based distro.

David Bolt

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