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On Fri, 21 Aug 2009 14:06:58 +0100, David Bolt <blacklist-me@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Unfortunately, some people suffer from the "can't be bothered" syndrome. It
takes extra effort on their part and they would rather moan and groan about
it than do anything to get things fixed.

To fix a thing one has to know the cause AND has to know on HOW to fix it. The
installers put a lot of stuff onto the HDD and mix it up. One has no idea how
all these parts work together.

To learn how they do it, one first has to get the system to get working.

To get the system working, one has to install.

BUT the installers install quite a lot of funny gadgets which are detrimental to
serious work. 2 or the main causes for problems are

- beagle
- the automatic update

If you have only a small system, beagle only is a minor nuisance and the
automatic update does not cause big problems.

The big problems occurs when using VMware and the automatic update spoils the
kernel. The only way to stop that: to switch off automatic update. (The
parameter of the special switch for the kernel I had not known.)

Beagle is a craze when one deals with large file numbers. Each day beagle messes
up with millions of files it wants to index, but there is NO NEED for that. As
one does not know wht the computer freezes, one has no idea that the "search"
service is the cause.

One of the most idiotic things I encountered were freezes of the computer where
it refused keyboard input for longer than a half an hour. Log-in as root was NOT
possible. The idiotic answer by the system was that log-in response was longer
than 60 (?) seconds, so it was refused. The origin (still not solved) is Opera,
which blocks off everything else when it - using an utmost idiotic algorithm -
reorganizes its indexes. The guys at Opera have committed some of the most
incredible messes I have seen since I started with computers in about 1968.

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