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The big problems occurs when using VMware and the automatic update spoils the
kernel. The only way to stop that: to switch off automatic update. (The
parameter of the special switch for the kernel I had not known.)

Most of the time the biggest whiners _don't know_

I have in my crontab: zypper up -y -t patch --skip-interactive
It was put there by YaST.

It gave me mail yesterday about the available kernel patch.


I update the kernel when it best suits me. Like I did 1 hour 22 mins ago.

After that I simply ran

Nothing spoiled there.

Simple again.

Beagle is a craze when one deals with large file numbers.

I don't know about you but here it works just fine.
Once I got to know what needs to and what must not be done.

Before that it gave me some probs. Instead of whining and moaning I went
to ask for advise and I got help instantly.

Now it works fine and finds anything in a second
from my several TB of disks.


Grow up.
That may not be so simple.

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