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I'm a home user, been using SLED since 2006 for that very reason on
this desktop, plus have vmware workstation to play around, OBS to
build applications I want to support myself and a SLED VM for those
that I can't build on the OBS ;)

part of my sam report shows

Hi, I never looked at these figures. I need a working machine, and
for the work I need some programs, like GIMP, some browsers, some
editors, FTP client, and more.

What is OBS?

I do not run a normal PC, I have EDP at the edge of the possible,
that is MILLIONS of files on a HDD. I do text works and the archived
files are the base of my work.

Everything is there, gimp gedit kate kwrite gftp firefox etc The only
real lockdown is multimedia for which adding fluendo codecs brings
everything back to life with totem and firefox :)

I built medit on the OBS (OBS is openSUSE Build service) as I like to
edit and have a terminal available, although I also use tilda (quake
like terminal, drops down on a keypress)

The OBS I did not even know. And I do not have the time to fiddle with that.

As a terminal I use the programs supplied with openSuSE. They work, and that is

kate I use seldom. It is better for looking at binaries to see the first bytes,
which tell you something about the file type, like .flv

What I did not try/find so far, is a good disk editor. From the IBM techs I got
a DOS program with the name spy.exe. But that ceased working long ago on the new
HDDs as the OS is too much for it. It is of about 1985 or 1990, or in that

gedit? do not know that.

kwrite I use continuously. It works, but some things I do not like, i.e. the
search-capabilty. Or how I could deal with vertical blocks. That is M$ style,
and this I hate.

gftp? Well, that is better than kbear, which was in the SuSE distribution for a
while. kbear is really buggy... It took me quite a while before I realized that
not my ISP was messing up, but that ftp client.

gftp is THE client for me on the Linux machines.

Firefox is a browser. I consider it a nuisance. But at least is it better than
Epiphany, which is very slow. Konqueror as a web browser is rather stupid. From
the ORIGINAL idea back of 1995 Opera is BY FAR the best broser. But Tezchner
spoiled it so beyond imaginability, that I consider him one of the greatest
idiots on earth.

On the DOS machine I use Opera 3.21 (on Win 3.11). That works. By now it has
many things lacking, compared with newer browsers. But nearly all the new stuff
I do not need.

fluendo codecs I do not know.

Until - and including - SuSE 10.3 the file manager (Konqueror) was a pain. I
could not handle large numbers of files. To delete more than 3000 files in one
task made the session get stuck. One of the reasons to move to SuSE 11.x was -
aside of video viewing - the better handling of large numbers of files.

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