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On 21 Aug 2009 18:15:46 GMT, Günther Schwarz <strap@xxxxxx> wrote:

[1] Maybe Linux distributions should go towards the way Apple or Solaris
handle added packages: having a small and stable system and installing
all additional software in a separate folder. If one does not like or
need it anymore: just delete this folder. This works with some packages
like the Intel compilers, but not with many others.

I did not know that Apple does it that way. What I saw is that 2 (TWO!)
programms for Win 3.1 were done well: Forte Agent and Eudora. Both you could put
in a separate subdirectory of their own. It was possible to run 10 or more
Eudoras, each with a different account. Of course only 1 could be alive at a
time, but the parameters etc did not interfere.

The other programs messed up by installing in the windows system. One program
brought its DLLs, and smshed those another program had brought, but with some

When I started with Linux I was told that with Linux ALL IS BETTER. I was worse.
It was as stupid as with Win 98.

Now, that the USB sticks are trendy, a TOTALLY NEW, A WORLD-ROCKING NEW
TECHNIQUE comes along: that a program may be put in a separate directory (i.e.
on the stick) and does not mix up itself in the OS directory.

If programmers had THOUGHT about waht they do, they already in 1995 could have
done it as is with the early Forte Agent or Eudora 1.5.4. And MILLIONS of people
would have had a wonderful world with their computers...

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