Re: A few questions

On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 15:07:26 +0200, houghi wrote:

Rick wrote:
When you installed, did you install KDE, Gnome or other environment,
and then switch the window manager, or are you using Windowmaker

I install KDE and GNOME as well as Windowmaker during the installation.
The reason is that it 'only' takes up HD space and I use GNOME and KDE
programs anyway.

I use KDM and at the first login I select Windowmaker.

Thanks. I didn't something similar when I was using Windowmaker fairly

Another couple of questions, if you don't mind.

How do you manage fonts in Windowmaker. The only solution manipulating
fonts is to use something like Gnome's control center.

How do you control your wired and wireless network under Windowmaker.

At least I've got pYneighborhood working this time :-)


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