Re: A few questions

Kevin Nathan wrote:

On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 01:54:25 -0600
Will Honea <whonea@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

but I'm seeing too
much bloat in both KDE and Gnome without the flexibility so m looking
for a simpler way to go without losing the features.

I would start by installing every desktop/window manager that openSUSE
offers and check each one out. Find the ones that seem 'natural' to you
and have the required features. Then let some of your clients check it
out, see which one they liked.

We did that with Ubuntu/Kubuntu when we were switching over a client
from Windows to Linux about three years ago. We upgraded two of their
machines, one with Ubuntu (GNOME) and one with Kubuntu (KDE) and let
them use them for several weeks. They settled on Kubuntu.

That's where I'm headed but the major hangup is any change at all since they
most of the desktops are recent converts from Windows - mostly XP - and I'm
getting this "you want us to change AGAIN?" response. My current
inclination is to leave 11.1/KDE3 in place for a year or so before fighting
the battle and then switching the desktop at the same time I upgrade the
os. For a novice Linux user coming from Windows the change in appearance
alone is a problem. Is there anything out there to make KDE4 look and act
like KDE3? that might also be a possibility.

Will Honea