Re: Questions about 11.2 and KDE4

Darklight <nglennglen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul J Gans wrote: <jamesrome@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1) Is there any way to set keyboard shortcuts to switch desktops in
And how do I turn OFF desktop switching with the mouse?
2) Is there a way to turn off transparency in Folder View?
3) Video setup using sax2 seems to have disappeared off of Yast2. What
has replaced it?
4) Inside of Yast2, lots of the help files seem to be missing. How do
I install them?
5) I get lots of X11 errors like:
Xlib: extension "Generic Event Extension" missing on display ":
How do I fix this?

I dunno. But I'm sure there is a way somehow.

What I object very strongly to is the Microsoftization of openSUSE.
Windows is a reasonable OS for folks who want to have everything
set up for them and are willing to live with the result.

Most of us use linux because we want to set things up our way.
11.2 seems to make it very hard to do anything your own way.

I have no idea why this was done. I may be alone, but I don't
run linux to look at the eye candy on the screen. I run it to
get work done. KDE4 seems to do things in a different way
simply to be different, not because it is more useful.

Yes, I've tried 11.2 via the live CD. I'm staying with 11.1 for
another year, by which time it should be nearing end of life.
At that point the then current openSUSE will be useful or I'll
be looking for another distro. I started with SLS and have been
through Slackware and Red Hat (and Ubuntu for laptops) and am
not afraid to move on.

I had a feeling some thing like this was going to happen when microsoft
brought into suse. Now lets see how long it takes to port kde to microsoft.
that is having a workable desk top for windows.

I don't think it has anything to do with Microsoft. Many other
distributions are headed in this direction. For example Ubuntu
is far down this road. BUT Ubuntu has some simple tools for
configuring the system, all gathered together in two different

--- Paul J. Gans