Re: Flakey cd's?

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On 2009-12-07 17:11, Van Chocstraw wrote:
I have this stupid computer with a DVD R/RW drive and a CD R/Rw
drives. Ubuntu live cd works great. Ubuntu 9.10 installs ok from
either drive. OpenSuse 11.2 both live cds Kde and Gnome crash and
burn on either CD drive. They have buffer IO errors and it crashes
with no more things to do at this run level. Can't run live nor
install. Why the difference between Ubuntu and OpenSUSE?

That has nothing to do with _running_ a live CD, which is what is
being complained about. It sounds like there's a bad burn and the OP
could do with reburning fresh copies of the openSUSE CDs, and checking
the md5sum of the disc after the burn has completed.

David Bolt

I agree with doing an MD5SUM check on the burnt CD/DVD.
However I come across this issue occasionally when the machine has bad
ram. I also often find that caching has been turned off in the BIOS in
an attempt to hide ram or motherboard issues.

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