Re: Copying FireFox settings to a new installation

houghi wrote:

David Bolt wrote:
I _think_ they're stored in the file:


But that's only a guess, and copying that to some other installation
may or may not transfer passwords. To make sure they are transferred
properly, install the Password Exporter add-on and then you can import
and export the list of sites and the associated passwords as readable

I always copy all of ~/.mozilla to a new installation. I then have
almost everything I had including all the andd-ons and the fact that I
have more then just '*.default'.

It does not realy answer the question, but might be the solution to the

I do the same when I can access the old installation (or a copy of it) from
the new one but the particular case here is convoluted - I would need to
get to the old (on 11.1) via internet through firewalls at either end with
the new one on 11.2 - and in the past I have found that the direct copy
method works best if done before the first time you access FireFox. That
first access creates a user profile and I've managed to get all sorts of
things screwed up when I copy things over. I guess I could copy the
whole .mozilla folder but I'm still leery of doing that when the original
runs 11.1 and the new one is on 11.2. No need to create dll conflicts when
I can avoid it.

Ah, computers have come so far since we "programmed" them by plugging wires
into a patch panel....

Will Honea