Re: kdetv

David Bolt wrote:

On Tuesday 19 Jan 2010 08:40, while playing with a tin of spray
Darklight painted this mural:

keith wrote:

Sounds a bit driver-ish. Are you sure that you've got the right
installed for the card?


Yes it is the same driver i had installed in 10.3 kde3.5.10

I had the same issue with kdetv and 11.2. I had a working kdetv
running 11.1 but, after upgrading to 11.2 and adding the kde3 repos,
kdetv failed with the exact same "no device found" error. I tried
mythtv and that also fails to find the capture card. Finally, after
Google search, I found a post suggesting tvtime. After installing
I can now use my capture card again.

David Bolt

what capture card do you have and what driver do you use for it. As i
said in my former post i tried tvtime i get sound but just a black
screen. I can bring up the configuration window but that does nothing.