Re: How to create a USB flash software repository?

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Well speak of the devil, wickerman! That free 10.3 install I was talking
about, the one that's been grinding since 2003 without intervention, it
stopped showing images in FF, something I was going to fix it this
evening. It was a dual boot with dozeXP aboard too but never used. The
owner told me a week ago but couldn't wait

They never heard of patience? Maybe searching Google? How about 5 mins
on a phone, when you have that 5 mins to spare?

and called out a 'tech' who
Oh dear.

immediately erased everything on both drives,

Why the hell did he wipe the Windows drive? More to the point, why did
he wipe _both_ drives?

installed a leftover Vista
he probably couldn't sell anymore on them and told him he had been
dealing with an idiot who had created a mess he'd never seen before (or
congrats to that effect, I wasn't there). The bill came out to something
less that $200.

Sounds like he thinks he's found someone who can become an easy source
of money.

It's only a question of time :-)

That's especially true if he's going to charge loads of money and you
were providing help for free, or just a cuppa. You'll probably want to
get at least two or three cuppas because I can foresee them not setting
them up with any antivirus software and they've quite probably become

So let's say it goes a year without puking. What should my fair price be
for another install that'll last 7 years like the last one I did, 1400?

Depends on how charitable you're feeling.

David Bolt

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