Re: openSUSE 11.3

houghi <houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul J Gans wrote:
I need KDE, after all this time, to "just work" as well. If it
doesn't I am not dealing with an operating system, but with a toy.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but KDE is not an operating system.

Houghi, I KNOW that. But KDE is my interface of choice to the
OS. And yes, I do a lot of command line stuff via a terminal
window opened in KDE.

Unfortunatly most people will confuse the OS, the desktop and the
programs. People think because k3b does not work, the desktop is bad and
as the desktop is the OS, because k3b does not work, Linux sucks.

I however now understand better how you think.

Please. Don't patronize me.

--- Paul J. Gans

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