Re: openSUSE 11.3

On Mon, 22 Mar 2010 10:19:14 +0100, houghi wrote:

felmon wrote:
I find criticism can be useful, helps us look to improvements. or
according to taste, it can help one sort out one's preferences.

That is what bugzilla is for and all the mailinglists at openSUSE.

why can't it be discussed here?

the 'I do not like it, boehoe'-mantra is not really helpfull.

I guess it's a matter of interpretation. 'boohoo, I think such-and-such a
feature would be good' could be helpful. certainly to such as me because
it signals what is present, what is absent, what I would have to tweak,
etc. etc.

I'm a kde man but haven't taken the plunge into kde 4.x. at present I'm
mostly in Debian anyway which lags behind - ok with me, actually.

Great. Finaly somebody who does what he likes, not does as he is told to
do. ;-)

can't a script be devised which auto-mounts usb drives? thought that
was a task for fstab? do you really have to go to runlevel 5 to get

There where (are) some things that did not seem to work with automount
sme time ago. This most likely due to the change of the automount

someone made a suggestion downthread regarding udev but I imagine one
could also write a simple script to mount the drives, at least I could on
my systems since the drive designations are pretty stable and

(I used to do as you, first command-line and then startx but now what
the hell....)

There is no real advantage in doing that.

there was once for me in the beginning (I forget now why) but over time
it was just useless habit.

Unfortunatly due to the NVidea drivers I can't go to CLI with CLT-ALT-
F1. :-(