Re: Vim or GVim ?

Michael Soibelman <not-here@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've begun studying for the LPI certification exams and am wondering if
it would be better, more effective to learn Vim in text mode in a
terminal (konsole in my case) or in Gui mode as in GVim ? My instinct is
to use text mode as being proficient in this mode is 'necessary' to being
an effective sysadmin. After all there is no Gui toolbar in runlevel 3 !!

So what is your opiniion ? Learn in text mode or gui mode ? Which is
more efficient/effective for learning to use Vim in a system
administration role ?

Thank you for your reasoned explanation, philosophical or otherwise.
This future sysadmin wants to know so he can better serve the openSUSE
usenet news forum in the future.

World Domination happens one sysadmin at a time ! ;-)

I never learned anything but vi(m). I'd be surprised if GVim
is as widely disseminated as vi(m), particularly on servers
which may not even have X installed.

--- Paul J. Gans