Re: What is using my sound device?

On 02/05/10 14:33, houghi wrote:
JT wrote:

Most likely you tried already ;-) : 'fuser /dev/<yoursounddevicehere>' ?

But in case you didn't, let us know. So we can look further?

As you see below, I am listening to some music. I also am hearing it.
<lala lalala ...> See? ;-)


(Oh and for those who speak Dutch and have mpg123 installed, try
`mpg123 -@ ""`
Or just use mplayer. Geweldige muziek. LOL.)

'Nick & Simon' en een 'Zirtaki' ofzo om 9u 'smorgens..... U wordt
bedankt ... LOL Gauw even een antidote opzoeken in de vorm van wat
Clapton ofzo.

Kind regards, JT