Re: drag-and-drop from dolphin

Happy Oyster wrote:

On Wed, 5 May 2010 14:13:41 +0200, houghi <houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Luca wrote:
I'll see how krusader does, now.

Krusader, Dolphin, Konqueror. All three are KDE programs. Please do not
limit yourself with looking at only KDE programs. There is Thunar that
is basically for XFCE, Nautilus for Gnome, gnome-commander, Gentoo,
PCManFM, Capivera, ...

Thunar is a pest.

None of the ones mentioned work for me. My best results were with Konqueror
for kde3 (only!), at least I could set default on details and have it over
the entire system. With Dolphin each and every directory has to be set.
major pain with some thousands directories in the hierarchy. Perhaps by
openSUSE 15.9 I'll have them all set - but by then we'll be forced to use
the new fully merged gnome, kde, xfce, windoze, ox y, etc. as the choice
free single option.

After all, don't they know what's best for us sheep? Like a religion ....