Re: user passsword

Barely Audible wrote:
houghi wrote:
Barely Audible wrote:
One of my user passwords is refusing to work - when you enter it the screen just clears and is sat at the login again.. it doesn't report a password failure and just sits there at the login.

I've tried changing the password in Yast and it has no effect. The root login & password still work fine.

This version 11.1 BTW
What desktop are you using? Most likely there is something corrupt there
that does not let you log in. Or better log in and out immidiatly.

Go to <CTRL><ALT><F1> Log in as user. That will test the login and


Thanks Houghi - the username & password works fine there.. Its just not working on the graphic login for some reason...

Fixed it - In the user account the shell location had been changed somehow.


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