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You do not realize the extent of the problem.

Nor do you.

Ever tried to save files in Arabic? Or Thai? Or chinese?

Lots of people have.

ALL these languages have NON-STANDARD characters,

No. All of the characters in those languages are standard. ASCII is
not the only standard, and even for German ASCII isn't adequate.

One cause of trouble is idiots, who give there files in the WWW
names with special charactsr (the umlauts are only a minor part).

The problem is not what but when; there are active
internationalization projects. Once the infrastructure is in place it
while be appropriate to use native character sets, properly encoded,
in URL's.

If by tools like wget or idiot browsers like Opera a file is on HDD,
how can you handle it? You even cannot rename it (as was possbile
earlier!), because the idiot OS claims that this file does not

The problem isn't Opera, it's the idiot who didn't configure his OS

If you have such a file on HDD, how can you save it to another data
medium as a piece of evidence?


Before the idiot stuff like umlauts appeared, the EDP world

You're welcome to return to the "good old days"; I'm glad to be rid of
them, TYVM.

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