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David Bolt wrote:
You mean couldn't log in to your account at the registrar, change the
contact email address, and then continue from there?

Many people take a website and get a hostname with it, so the registrar
and the web hoster are the same. And that is basically the whole

That's an example of the old "putting all your eggs in one basket"
problem. Or maybe an even worse issue where the host registers the
domain in their name and then wants to charge a substantial fee to
transfer ownership if you decide to move.

I even things up a bit.
One domain I have a domain hoster, but DNS and web hosting are with the
same company.
One domain I have a domain hoster, a DNS hoster, a web hoster and a
mailhoster, all at dfifferent companies.

All my domains use the registrar for DNS but the web and mail are self
hosted. Five[0] I host locally while the other two[0], which I
registered for a friend many years ago and have never transferred
ownership, are hosted by a friend. This works out quite nicely as we
have an agreement to host each others mail/web servers in the case of a
known connection issue.

The domain hoster is obviously the resgistar. For many people everything
is at the same company. What I see often happening is that they want to
change webhoster and as they go for the cheap, they wait till the last
day. The webhoster did not get a notice, did get it to late and decides
that as they are no longer paying customers, they won't do anything for
them anymore.

That latter is not completely unreasonable. So do not wait till the last
moment to change. Overlap by at least two months.

It shouldn't need two months, but it will need more than a few days. An
ideal situation would be to get the new host up and running before
switching DNS from the old host. Leaving the old host up for a limited
time, after the DNS has changed, should cover for those systems with
broken DNS caching that ignores the TTL.

The easiest thing to do is to get your own registrar.

And also the most sensible thing to do as well.

I use both and Not the cheapest, but with cheap
ones you also often run into issues.

I use Godaddy. Also not the cheapest, and there is some discussion a to
whether their hat colour is black, white, or some shade of grey. Still,
I've not had any issues with them. Doesn't stop me considering other
registrars as I keep thinking about the "all the eggs in one basket"

[0] It would have been four and one domain, but someone was kind enough
to spam me to let me know the .com versions of domains I already had
were available and they could register them for me, all for a nice fee
of either $99 or £99, I can't remember which amount for sure. I did the
sensible thing, apart from reporting the spams, of going to my
registrar and registering them there for significantly less.

David Bolt

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