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Martin wrote:
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Shmuel Metz wrote:
OTOH, the last time I look Yast couldn't handle multiple e-mail

And that is a good thing as running several at the same time is
extremely seldom needed. I have no heard about situation where there
might be a need.

My wife uses the ISP mail server and the gmail mail server

We are talking about localy installed mailservers, not remote

Maybe. It's possible that Shmuel may have been referring to the mail
server configuration module in YaST2 which configures both outgoing and
incoming mail. It can't configure more than one server from which to
download mail. To do that, you'd need to install and configure
fetchmail. While this isn't exactly hard, some people may have problems
with it.

As an example, my first use of fetchmail was several years ago. I
configured it and then tested it from the console. End results were a
partial success. I did receive some of the mail I was retrieving.
Unfortunately, some of the mail was addressed to unknown users at my
ISPs host and so Sendmail correctly rejected them. This resulted in my
system sending somewhere between 5 and 10 bounces before I could use ^C
to stop it in its tracks. After that, I reconfigured fetchmail, this
time making sure that it would not send bounces and all was well with
the world. Or maybe not. At least I was no longer sending bounces to
the forged senders of mail retrieved by fetchmail that were addressed
to unknown users.

Of course, it's much easier to just use a mail reader that can be
configured to fetch from multiple places. There's little chance of
causing problems for other net users, and the worst you could really do
was to screw it up and not be able to retrieve emails sent to you.

e.g. postfix and sendmail on the same machine.

Unless they are installed in separate installations, either in virtual
machines or on a multi-boot system, or you force rpm to ignore the
conflicts, you can't install Sendmail and Postfix together. Just like
you can't install Exim with either Sendmail or Postfix present due to

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