Re: Nenu in CLI

On 27/05/10 16:07, houghi wrote:

I use this script for the following reason:
When I am on my own machine, I can easily click right on the desktop and
follow the menuitems and start whatever I want.

However when I connect to a machine using `ssh -X` I often have no idea
what programs are on that machine. So I run this script and will be able
to see (Most? All?) of the programs that you would find normally in the

Pretty easy to use, I would say. Run it and it will show some programs.
u for up d for down and e.g. 15 to run the program.

Some more technical. It will look in /usr/share/applications, remove
YaST stuff and some cleaning. It will check how large your terminal is
and use that.
It also uses `whatis` to give some extra information. If whatis is not
installed, just change the following line:
INFO=`whatis $CMD|sed 's/: nothing appropriate.//g' |sed 's/(.*)//'`

It should not be to hard to re-write it so your selection is one
keypress, which will allow you to use the up and down keys. I decided
against it, as I now look at the size of the terminal and that would
limit it a bit.
Another thing I did not add, although I though about it was to show how
many pages there where and that you could go to a certain page.

As always, have fun.


Nice, as alway ;-)

Talking 'ssh -X' I'm struggling with something here. Does someone here
know how to do that?

What I need/want (what's the diff anyway ? ) is to 'take-over' a running
X-session (KDE in my case) via ssh. I don't want to use rdesktop or NX
(because they annoy me in case of rdesktop and being payware and not GPL
in NX's case). I know about the possibility to run 'start-kde' as cmd,
but what I want is to take a _running_ KDE and 'hijack' it (of course
with only positive intentions).

Does anyone know whether this is even possible?

What works on the two machines is 'ssh -X hostname cmd' which will run
cmd (e.g. yast2) on 'hostname' and display it's stuff on client. So the
X-setup and ssh are in place and functional.


Kind regards, JT