Re: RAID 5 and dual boot with Windows 7 64 bit.

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I wonder if it is possible to set up openSUSE (64 bit) with 3 SATA disks
as RAID 5 with Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium on a fourth disk?
Inge Svensson

I have Win7 64 on a IDE disk and suse 11.2 on 3 SATA disks configured

I installed Win7 first and then Suse 11.2. Win7 shows up as a boot
option in the Grub Menue.

Thank for the answers. Do you have software RAID? I'm a bit confused
about how to set it up.
Inge Svensson
I got it up and running. Just have to see if I can boot into Windows.
Inge Svensson
Which worked..
Inge Svensson

Have you seen this guy's writings on grub?

He has been doing it for years.