Re: How to copy files/pictures from CD in Suse 11.3 ?

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Forgive my this embarrassing question - but -
how to copy files/pictures from CD in Suse 11.3 ?
CD drive is seen ok but I have no idea how to copy the contets from
CD to a hard drive.

Unless 11.3 ha a very much different behaviour in kde4 or gnome (I'm still
on 11.0 at work and 11.1 on laptop and 11.2 on home PC ...)
1. The graphical way:
Open the kfmclient icon (Looks like a house and opens as a konqueror
instance). Browse the CD mountpoint: /media/some_disk_name
select the files, copy and paste the harddisklocation.
2. Bash way:
Open terminal window. type:
cd /media/some_disk_name
cp filename /home/yourname/the_final_location


P.S. Suse 11.3 has quite different layout.
I tried the "house" - Home but it there is no CD drive or Media there is
just Floppy drive. I'll figure it out having all these hints.. THANKS
again !

In openSUSE 11.3 click the Dolphin icon besides the Mozilla Firefox icon
near the "Start menu" Under Places to the left you shold have an icon
for your CD.

... and another problem..-;)
I'm using Suse 11.3. Something I've done by mistake that my all icon
at the bottom tool bar are not as they were originally ( some on the
left - some on the right with the clock) but they're squised all
in the right corner. I cannot return to default setting.
There is an option to insert the space but the cursor doesn't want
to go there wher the space should be - to separate the two sets of icons
on the lef and to the right.
Any advice / hint for returning to default setting will be greatly
appreciated. THANKS !