Re: ongoing unexpected inconsistancy

Marty wrote:

Hi all,
I upgraded suse 11.2 to 11.3. Everything went
ok. File system ext4.
There are 4 partitions, one / , one /home and 2
other partitions for
user data - /dev/sda5 - /dev/sda6 and /dev/sda7.

Everything was working ok on 11.2 and for a few days on 11.3.

3 days now, after every boot or reboot, the system stops during boot
tells me that all 3 user partitions have unexpected inconsistencies,
that I have to run fsck manually. The root partition is fine.

provide my root password for login and run 'fsck /dev/sda5' (same for
and 7) , no error message then (0.1%, 0.2 and 0.9% non-contiguous), I

reboot with Control-D and the system boots fine.

On the next boot or
reboot the same thing.

I doubt that the hard drive is damaged, it's
fairly new.

I haven't found a solution anywhere, any advice is

Many thanks, Marty

Does this fsck run while the disk is
mounted? At the point of login, I think the disk(s) are all mounted.
use "shutdown -rF now" for a fsck on reboot.
Hope it helps.

And if you
get that smoothed out:
A good SMART utility could offer some insight into
your drives once you get going. Used "gsmartcontrol" all throughout 11.2
and now 11.3 and it continues to work as smooth as it's Windows

FYI: I just had 3 new drives, fresh from the local comp
supermarket, refuse to mount. Western Digital shot 3 replacements back to
me in 3 days, all of which worked. Can't believe I went 3 bad out of 3 new
ones, but it happens.