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GSA wrote:
After reading all these suggestions, i went ahead and installed suse
on 50GB. I first deleted that partition, then in /sda, pressed Create
and created 'Primary' partition. Then it asked me about swap. I said i
donot want any sway. After this installation succeeded. Yippeeeeeee

So after reading our sugestions, you decided not to follow them.

Well, they did and they didn't. As long as they've learnt something
from all the advice and suggestions, that's okay by me. It's annoying
when they get all sorts of useful advice and suggestions, completely
ignore everything said, and then come back because they haven't learnt
from the various followups to their questions.

I now have 7GB wasted. looking for merging it with my linux. One more
thing is , I want WinXP default boot. Checking how to tweek that too.

Because you did not follow our sugestion, you have no swap, no seperate
/home and 7GB wasted. All you needed to do was delete that partition.
And even then, why create 50GB if 57GB was available?

That what I am curious about as well. Why delete a 57GB partition but
only create a 50GB one in its place when to do so would require a
deliberate decision to not use all of the available free space. As to
how to use it, a live CD will mean the partition can be enlarged
although, if the OP has used ext4, there may be some issues with
enlarging file system to use the extra space in the partition.

Another curiosity is about not wanting any swap. I have a 4GB system,
and which unfortunately can't take any more, and it needs swap space.
It doesn't take very long before Firefox, Konqueror and other memory
hungry applications are using up enough to make the system unusable
without swap. As for how much swap, I created a 4GB swap partition
because I didn't expect to use it all. After a few months, I created a
4GB file that can also be used for swap. Generally, after a few weeks
without a reboot, I need to add it as used swap space creaps up to
almost fill the 4GB swap partition.

About the boot: first start looking into YaST. There is a lot that can
be configured there.
Then, YaST, System, Boot loader. Select Windows and click "Set as

Editing /boot/grub/menu.lst also works, but I wouldn't recommend it for
a newbie/novice.

David Bolt

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