Re: updates or WTF?

rsink wrote:
My wireless still works,

What make/model is it? I'd like to find JUST ONE usb stick that works bulletproof.

Ah, sorry. It's PCI not USB. I should have been clearer. An old Dlink I got of of ebay for $5. Don't recall the model off the top of my head.

I'm surprised that even HP & intel have probs, always thought they were in the lead with suse! My printer stopped working and the latest 'universal' drivers will not install. I wrote to Samsung... well, you know the story :-(

Yeah, usually they're pretty good. With the HP I'm wondering if it's a permissions thing. Didn't try to go in as root and monkey with it. The HP app is graphical (of course) so this is one case where being root in KDE would be handy. But I just deleted the driver entry in YaST and reinstalled using CUPS. Printed a simple text file, but haven't tried beyond that.

What really surprises me is I haven't seen more complaints about the KDE problem. Surely I can't be the only guy that's running 11.3 on a Dell Optiplex GX280 using on-board graphics. Yet it bit me on two different boxes.

Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska
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