Re: Query on ip link set

On Sep 20, 4:07 am, Why Tea <ytl...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When "ip link set DEVICE DOWN" has been issued on a
network interface, will it be persistent? (i.e. will
it be reset to UP after a system reboot?)


Did you set it down using ifdown? yast? or did it set itself down
because the cable/wireless connection was missing a partner?

- yast would be persistent
- ifdown would not be persistent over a boot, the same applies to a
wireless connection
- a wired connection could well set itself up during a session unless
the assumptions it made before things went pear-shaped were now
wrong. Example? I have an A/B switch for two ISPs. If I switch
between the two, I need to issue ifdown+ifup to get things to switch.

I am sure it is possibe to set things up so that the above does not
apply, but hell - ymmv.