KDE3 + Motorola DroidX solved

Oh boy ! Well I sure feel like a fool. After having given up trying to
transfer images from my cell phone I decided to log onto a different
desktop (xfce) and lo and behold there was an icon to an (at that point)
unmounted 16 GB file system. That was the size of my memory card on the
phone so I clicked on that and it opened up in Thunar. Copied the files
to my 'Pictures' folder and all was good...

Then I logged back onto the KDE3 desktop and didn't see any desktop icons so
I clicked on 'MyComputer' and there was the DroidX filesystem...

I feel like an idiot for not having done this before but at least I figured
it out...

oh well. A bit of humility is in order here.

Live and let learn.

P.S. It just goes to show you Linus is on to something with his choice of
desktop environments. On xfce the link was automatically added to the
desktop.. Once again 'Thanks Linus' and everyone else who tried to help.