Dropbox - cannot install

The program that is out there has an openSUSE 11.4 package. It needs libnautilus-extentions. Even though I installed libnautilus-extentions1 using Yast, it does not find it and is suggesting change environment variables NAUTILUS_CFLAGS and NAUTILUS_libs.

The problem is that looking for libnautilus-extentions1 results in not found. Not in /libs. cnf libnautilus-extentions1 returns not found, and whereis libnautilus-extentions1 also does not find it.

So where did Yast put it?

I am also trying to avoid anything with Gnome or KDE, and using Xfce.

Frustrated because I need to make a couple of 80 meg files available to someone who is not local, and my email has a 10 Meg limit.

Does anyone know of another package that will work with Dropbox?