fsck on encrypted volume?

Hi all,

I just installed open suse 11.4 on a notebook (FSC Lifebook E), where
just occured the following:

I set up /dev/sda1 as ext3 containing /boot,
and /dev/sda2 containing an encrypted LVM containing / as ext3 and swap.

After installing software during countless hours, the box hang and I had
to switch it off for reboot.

After doing so, the kernel is loaded and I get asked for the "passphrase"
by LUKS. When typing it correctly there only show up alerts like
"buffer i/o error" and the encrypted LV seems to be no longer accessible.

Trying to boot into rescue mode and run fsck fails due to encryption.

Is there still a way to access the data?
Thanks for any hint!

Best regards,


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