In 12.1, I used btrfs for /srv and /home, and am trying to figure out
how to use snapshot. Yast installed it and the Yast tool, but it is
not initialized properly. is for 11.4. I tried
jarfx:/srv # btrfs subvolume create /snapshots
Create subvolume '//snapshots'
ERROR: cannot create subvolume - Inappropriate ioctl for device

and from
jarfx:/srv # snapper create --description "initial"
Config 'root' not found.

In /etc/snapper/configs, I have three files: root (which is ext4),
srv, and home
After making the root file, I tried again and get
jarfx:/etc/snapper/config-templates # snapper create --description
terminate called after throwing an instance of
what(): /sbin/chsnap not installed

and indeed, there is no /sbin/chsnap, and there is none in software

So, how does one get this to work?