Re: 12.1 initial install rehearsal scene-1, take-1

In <ja7f8n$a83$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, on 11/18/2011
at 10:36 PM, John Bowling <johnlb2002@xxxxxxx> said:

The proposed partition setups for all (since 10.x anyway) have all
been very ignorant of any real useful setups.

It used to be that there were three options for partitions.

1. Expert - you specify everything.

2. Suggest partitioning - you change what you don't like.

3. Crapshoot - no documentation on what the installer will do,
but easy if it doesn't hose anything.

I've always assumed that the expert option would be easiest, and never
had the neerve to try the "easy" option.

Has that changed in 12.1?

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