[SOLVED!] Re: Questions About v. 12.1

On 01/05/2012 11:43 PM, tb wrote:
I just updated from openSUSE 11.4 to 12.1 (64-bit, KDE desktop
environment). Everything went just fine, nevertheless I have a couple of

1) I upgraded by booting up with an install DVD. When the installation
screen came up, I selected "Update an Existing System". One of the
upgrade screens informed me that old files would be backed up but did
not say where and under what name(s). Does anyone know this information?

2) When I launch the Konsole terminal the computer name shown is:
I have used PartedMagic's live CD for partitioning and formatting my
hard drive in the past, but I don't recall to ever have assigned the
name "PartedMagic" to my computer. Anyhow, I would like to change that
name. How do I do it?


1) Backed up files are in different subdirectories and have the suffix "old"; a few other backed up files do not have the "old" suffix but are in /var/adm/backup/*.

2) YaST -> Network Settings -> Hostname/DNS, edit Hostname and Domain Name.