Re: An Updated Install DVD

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PaulRS wrote:

This question may have been asked before. If so direct me to any
Here is the scenario:
Say you have downloaded and installed an OpenSuSE distribution.
Let's use 11.4 as an example. You get all the extras wanted from
repositories like packman, etc. and the all the updates over the
length of the distribution's life. The machine is "perfect." You
really don't want to mess things up with 11.5 or 12.1, 2, etc.
So now you want to be able to make an install DVD like the one
originally downloaded that could be theoretically installed on any
machine (NOT a HD clone or ghost).
Is there a way to put all the rpms (as patched) and extras (rpms)
downloaded and now dissolved into their various files, etc. on that
"perfect" machine, back into their RPM boxes (so to speak) and have a
new install DVD of that "perfect" smooth working machine?
Is this possible? Give me your thoughts.


P.S. I know that some new stuff would be forfeited, but for what one
is doing, the "perfect" machine is working fine and you might want to
install it on a different machine, a laptop, or a replacement.

If when you downloaded the update rpm files and saved them by checking
keep downloaded packages on every repositorie in
configure software repositories.
Then move the zypp folder to another partition say to home folder the folder
you are looking for is /var/cache/zypp.

once you have reinstalled and not wiped the home folder

Then going back to confige software repositories click add click
local directory and then browse to directory click next all done and when
you go to software management the files will be shown. or you could do a
zypper dup. and it will do the rest.

Thanks for both answers. This one sounds much easier. In fact, I
could put the zypp folder on a DVD and keep it with the original
install DVD and make use of both. I would still have to do my
personal configs, but this could be handled by a third DVD of a
tarball of the whole finished system (I think?)