Re: Substitute for the old kpackage

On 05/26/2012 05:34 AM, PaulRS wrote:
I miss the old "kpackage" as I used it to find file locations in
specific RPM packages and to see the contents of an RPM graphically
before I installed it (or NOT). The new kpackagekit just jumps right
to install. I did a "help" on it, but could not see any way of
configuring it. Dolphin also jumps to kpackageKIT rather than lets me

So is there a graphical substitue for the old "kpackage." My current
workaround was to install it from my old 10.3 distribution. Guess I
was "lucky" it found the dependencies. This does work, but there is a
hole for me in the newer distributions that kpackage filled.

i uninstalled kpackagekit on 11.3 and 11.4 because it is troublesome (and many/most of the helpers on the openSUSE forums do the same--check it out)..

and its look-alike on 12.1 is named apper, which has the same troubles, so many recommend it either be disabled (right click on the panel icon, and . . .) or uninstalled (using YaST or zypper)..

the features you seek (peering inside RPM prior to install) are all in YaST Software Management or YaST Online Update (YOU) fact, once you have banished packagekit you will need to run YOU occasionally to check to see if there are updates available for your system..