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From: David (
Date: 07/25/03

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 23:08:42 GMT

Spam Bait wrote:
> As an ATI owner ( Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO) I would recommend strongly
> against buying an ATI.
> Many features of the card are unsupported under Linux:
> - tv-out not supported for legal reasons
> - rage-theatre chip ( video capture, tuning, xv ) not supported due ATI
> not releasing docs for the new chips in over a year ( don't even respond
> to request for docs now )
> - hyper-z and other more advanced features never to be supported
> - questionable future of ANY support for 3D features
> - s3 texture compression not supported due to patent issues
> There is the option of using ATI's binary drivers, but they are NOT for
> gaming - they are for 3D rendering on the FireGL boardsm and they just
> happen to kinda work on Radeons. They don't support tv-out or the rage
> theatre chip either.
> ATI basically do not consider the Linux market to be worth serious
> consideration, other than for their FireGL cards.
> Buy an nVidia. Their drivers are very good - although they're
> binary-only, but at least they a) exist and b) work ). The nVidia
> drivers support basically everything that works under Windows, including
> tv-out and xv support ( for hardware scaling of movies and other
> multimedia stuff ).

Thanks for the reply,
I had found another post saying that ATI was one to stay away
from so Now I have another question.

I have an old ViewSonic PS790 19" monitor which is still in
excellent condition and don't want to damage it or a new video
card. Is an nVidia going to cause problems with this monitor?

The nVidia GeForce 5200 or 5600 uses 60-200 Vsync at low to
medium resolutions and my monitor uses 50-180 Vsync. So is this
combination going to work without any problems or do I need a
video card with Vsync rates within the monitors Vsync range?

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