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From: Lucius Chiaraviglio (
Date: 08/16/03

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 22:04:13 -0700

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:56:02 +0300, oipioV ukiR wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 06:47:00 -0700, Thulemanden wrote:
>> If dependency hell was not enough, think about Java Hell and the new
>> Mozillas...
>> I thought the GNU/Linux approach was to make life easier not harder.
> Suns Java is propierty technologity, not GNU/Linux approach. If java where
> open source, it could be actually distributed with mozilla. Suns excuse is
> that "If they would open source java, MS would release a modified
> incompatible version and thus destroy java". Ofcourse, that is bullshit,
> with a copyleft like GPL, MS wouldn't touch it with a long stick. And if
> they would dare to touch it, all their modifications would be freely
> available.

        Like I posted in another thread (first word altered to avoid
honking off someone that it honked off in the original version):

| A proper way to deal with this would be to distribute Java itself
|under a free software license, but also accompanied by a CERTIFICATION
|file that is not covered under the free software license, that you must
|delete if you modify the package. The CERTIFICATION file would indicate
|that this is Java certified by Sun to meet Sun's specification and thus
|guaranteed to be compatible with all Java applications compatible with
|Sun's reference version of Java. (Of course, Sun itself would need to do
|a better job of achieving compatibility than it had at least a few years
|ago, but at least this would be the right idea for keeping track of
|compatibility without restricting people's rights unnecessarily.)

        Note that under this kind of distribution scheme, if someone like
Microsoft tried to misrepresent their modified version of Java as being
Sun's official Java, Sun could still sue them.

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