Re: confused with BASH shell in Redhat

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Date: 08/22/03

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 06:33:10 -0700

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In article <bi50pu$1pm6$>, Ka wrote:
> I am confused with Bash, why ?

All that crossposting, yet you somehow missed Why?

Try this:

> I am now confused with bash even I have played with it very well~~~
> what is wrong ??

You didn't play as well as you thought. :)

Despite being way off topic (in c.o.l.networking, where I read it) I'll
give you your answer.
    rob0@obrien:~$ mkdir '\-=New Game=\-'
    rob0@obrien:~$ echo "$_"
    \-=New Game=\-
    rob0@obrien:~$ cd "$_"
    rob0@obrien:~/\-=New Game=\-$ cd
    rob0@obrien:~$ rmdir "$_"
    rob0@obrien:~$ echo 'good riddance to non-standard filename characters!'

The problem is that the backslashes themselves either need another
backslash (escape), or quoting. Notice the use of escapes and quoting
above: single- and double-quotes act differently.

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