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From: Mistercmk (
Date: 08/27/03

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 02:14:14 GMT

"Billy Watt" <> wrote in message
> In news:SZS2b.203245$cF.66355@rwcrnsc53,
> Mistercmk <> rambled:
> > Can anyone recomend a distro of linux that I can install on my
> > A7N8X-Deluxe motherboard that will support either the Nforce, or 3Com
> > onboard ethernet adapters. I don't need any desktop managers, just
> > text based. I want to use this to crunch Seti@Home workunits instead
> > of using Windows. Linux gets me better processing times from the
> > command prompt. Currently I am using FreeSCO that was made into a
> > cruncher, but I want to be able to boot from the hard drive, and not
> > have to have an extra ethernet card in the box. Thanks
> I'd say Slackware.
> NForce support may require a kernel patch but that's a kernel thing
> to all distros, not just Slack. úCom cards are well supported and that
> should work "out of the box".
Thanks for the reply. How would I go about patching the kernel? I have a
basic understanging of linux, but I am not sure that I can patch the kernel
without some help. Thanks

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