Optimize Booting

From: Eternally (m_at_r.com)
Date: 08/31/03

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:28:02 GMT

Hi folks,

I'm building a Linux Car MP3 player on an old P100 with 32 mb of ram. I've
got a debian distro on there, and got it to the point where it boots into a
command prompt. However, booting is kind of slow as it is loading a bunch
of services which I'm sure I don't need. For instance, it's loading up USB
and PS/2 support, when I don't have USB or PS/2 ports on the machine. And
it's checking for new hardware, which isn't necessary for me in this case.
Plus, I think it's loading a few servers.

How do I change the boot process so that it's lean and mean. All I want it
to do is bring me to a command prompt and have the ability to run mpg123 to
play mp3's and also send commands to the parallel port (through a program
which I will write). Security is not a concern. I just want lean and mean.
As quick of a boot as possible.

How do I set this up?

Thanks in advance!