Re: Moving Linux to another hard drive

From: Bob Tennent (
Date: 10/03/03

Date: 3 Oct 2003 11:48:29 GMT

On Fri, 03 Oct 2003 02:11:13 GMT, Ori wrote:
>> I currently have Slackware 9.0 installed on my 4.3GB. It's
>> basically a 4GB ext3 partition for '/' and a 300MB swap. I want to
>> move it over to a 30GB hard drive. Is there anything equivalent to
>> Norton Ghost for Linux? The 30GB will probably be partitioned as 27GB
>> for '/' (/dev/hda1) and 300MB for swap (/dev/hda2).
> Can't you just plug it in a master/slave arrangement (temporarily, at
> least) and do a cp -Rp /* /where/you/mounted/the/second/hdd

Yes, but it should be cp -a (or cp -Rpd ) in case there are symbolic
links. And the new partition must first be set up with a file system
using mkfs. The OP might also want to create a separate /boot partition
at the beginning of the drive in case the BIOS can't access all of
the large partition. After the copy is made, edit /etc/fstab and
/etc/lilo.conf on the new drive and chroot to the new drive to run lilo
(or equivalent).

Bob T.