Re: Help - can't get back into XP after installing Linux

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Date: 10/27/03

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 21:46:57 -0600

No, there is no equivilent to the "sys" command on the XP repair console
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> > I have no
> > idea how you would do the same thing for a NTFS drive installation,
> Boot with an XP CD and use the repair console option. There are "DOS like"
> commands in the repair console that you can use with NTFS. I know, I
> up my NTFS system one time and could not even reinstall Windows untill I
> in the repair console and used the chkdsk command to fix the file system.
> was able to reinstall XP over itself though with no data loss after that
> though. There are "sys like" commands in the repair console, I am just too
> lazy to boot with the CD to find out what they are, anyway, "help" at the
> console gives you the stuff you need.
> You *do* need to remember your administrator password to get into the
> console. If you forget that, you really are screwed unless you just so
> to have a copy of erd commander laying around.
> Anyway, this is a linux newsgroup, moving right along...
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