Re: networking
Date: 10/27/03

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 22:19:35 GMT

I can view the workgroups on the winxp machine but when I try to open the
[Samba] I get not accessable or don't have permission

> Is your smb.conf specific? For example:
> [music]
> path= /data/mp3 <-is this really /data/mp3 or /home/jstaff/data/mp3 ?
> browseable = yes <- prefer to use "public = yes" write list = jsnew, js
> <- prefer to use "valid users = jsnew jstaff js" writeable = yes <- prefer
> {everyone]
> path = /data/everyone
> read only = no
> printable = no <- prefer
> browseable = yes <- "public = yes"

I went through that again as per your suggestions and made changes so I
think it is specific.
> FYI, my network is RH8 and XP Home, RH8 provide X server, FTP, file,
> Telnet and DVD player services to XP home, XP Home provides print and ICS
> service to the RH8.

That is pretty much what I am shooting for on the XP machine I have
printers, scanner, dvd player, digital camera etc.

> Because you have dialup on both machines I don't think you need ICS. The
> 169.x.x.x address maybe a vpn tunnel to your ISP.
> Now you need to check which services are running on the RH9 machine.
> Here's where you can use loopback.
> On the RH9 machine:
> Telnet

All I get is failure to connect for both telnet and ftp I have gFTP
> If those didn't work then you need to check the WU-FTP and Telnet server
> packages are installed on your RH8 by Package Manager in Nautilus,
> Kpackage in KDE or rpm -q telnet wuftp. The check the services are
> started with "Server Settings", "Services" in Nautilus or "sudo service
> --status-all | more". If they worked then look at security and for Samba
> that includes "sudo smbpasswd" and "sudo smbadduser" for the XP Home box.

returns telnet-0.17-25 and ftp-0.17-17
Some of the things you suggest with sudo work straight out but others won't
work no matter what I try.
> The sudo service command will also list your iptables so you can check to
> make sure you allow FTP, Telnet, and Netbios stuff. If you used the basic
> RH-Lokkit or haven't used anything then that is good.

what is the command for checking iptables?

> The other item to update is /etc/hosts.allow where you add the ip address
> and name of the XP home machine, a simple ALL: 192.168.0. should work.

Ok did that!

> You'll need to use sudo to display, edit and execute some commands and
> work on files in the /etc directory.
> There aren't Telnet, FTP, DNS server services in XP Home. You don't need
> those anyway if you're using Samba.

Thanks very much for all that you offered here. I have tried to go through
it as best as I can but I am fading fast and will have another go at it in
the morning