Re: networking

From: Noi (
Date: 11/01/03

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 23:18:31 GMT

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 20:40:43 +0000, jstaff4 without thinking wrote:

> Really bottom line each machine will connect to the internet and each
> will ping the other
> Is the modem a cable or DSL modem on either PC? No both 56K
> Modem on linux is external US Robitics 56k on XP lucent PCI win modem
> 56k
>> I think your:
>> pings work from XP to Linux and Linux to XP works,
> yes
> Linux > ppp0 internet access works,
> yes
> XP internet dialup works,
> yes
> telnet to > works on XP

> NO <---- ???
> and Linux, FTP open on Linux works. yes

Okay basic connection works, telnet and ftp work on both machines. You
should be able to "telnet" and "ftp" from the XP
Home box at this time.

> Since latest work nothing shows up
>> Linux Samba shares show up in XP Neighborhood Networks or you can map a
>> linux shared folder to a XP drive.

XP Home's NN is a pain sometimes rebooting XP works to fix a connection
but try "sudo service smb restart" on the Linux box.

>> When you have a ppp0 internet connection (is up/started) you can telnet
>> to or
> No connection times out before connecting

This is a problem with sharing connections on the Linux box.
With ppp0 started on the Linux box can you ping or
Can you surf the internet with ppp0 started?

>> On XP, Zone alarm [snip]
> Yes it is
> I really wanted linux to control the internet. BUT if necessary and it
> would work I could accept XP delivery service

Good. Then should Doug and everyone concentrate on getting your ppp0, NAT and
iptables working for sharing a connection for XP?

>> (Linux can not FTP or Telnet to XP Home with installing 3rd party
>> software)
> Like Cute FTP?

Yes, but except to see it working why?
> it shows telnet0.17.25
> and telnet-server-0.17-25
> yes both telnet and tftp both checked

Good noted.
> No I found that number it is the network bridge on the XP machine but it
> is
Turn off bridging in WinXP I don't think you need it.

>> Read the man or XP Home for details of the route statements. Basically
>> it's route [add|del] -host ipaddr or route add default -dev ppp0
> this is a very very helpful command and I think mine is a mess
> Active routes
> Network destinations netmask gateway interface metric
> 1
> 10
> 10
> 10
> 10
> 1
> There were a couple others that I deleted and I tried to delete all of
> them to start over but these I could not delete. Always comes up bad
> gateway so I try to change gateway but it will not let me.
> docs say to use - route delete but that fails.

Actually all entries look good and you need to keep and I was looking for something like

route add default -dev ppp0
route add -dev eth0
route add -dev lo

which should send local to local, lan traffic out the ethernet and
everything else out the ppp0 dialup.
> also tried route delete netmask metric 1
> couldn't get that to work either
> thanks very much for the listing of things to work through! When this
> starts to make since its going to be scary
> Doug has mentioned several times that he thought the xp machine was
> messed up.
> Oh and for Doug trace route from XP and got
> 1 <1 ms <1ms <1ms Samba []
  2 3
> 4
> 5
> 6 146ms 139ms 139ms
> 8.
  13 176ms 369ms 529ms

This is as expected for 56k modems. As I read that it says you went to
your Samba machine then out to the internet ( So it looks
like the XP through Linux to the internet was working at the time of this
tracert. #2 through #12 are intermediary routers on the internet.

So if that's still working.... what is left to do on your network?
> From working all day with settings again , it is safe to say it is not
> presently working