Re: Oh, I need help at loading kernel modules...

From: Billy Watt (
Date: 11/02/03

Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 14:05:52 -0000

In news:wG7pb.285$,
AnXa <> rambled:
> Okey, I Want to install SuSE Linux to my second computter.
> I am sure that all you know that SuSE dosen't provide Cd-Images (isos)
> on their home site to i386 machines.
> So it is about network install. Only thing I need to know is that how
> do I use D-Link DFE-530TX at in the SuSE install?
> I need to load it in to kernel, but how does I do it? and what I need
> to input to module parametres?
> Could some one please explain what are those parametres ?

Is this what you need to know ?

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