From: Joe Cipale (
Date: 11/02/03

Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 10:41:21 -0800

For an application I am creating, I am generating nroff/troff/ditroff
files. For those of no Unix experieince, n/t/ditroff formats are
similar in scope to HTML. They are passed through an engine that process
the document. ANy whoo...

WHen I generate a table that is longer than a single page, I get the
error message that I must use .TS H/.TH in order to have the table span
over multiple pages. When I incorporate this into my code to generate
the page, The page title is printed, then the printer spits out a blank
page before processing the remainder of the table. The table is then
truncated and cut-off.

Sadly, it has been too many years of working in the darkside (i.e M$) to
remember all of the n/troff commands. Are there any former Unix geeks
out there who remember the Unix command to process tables within
nroff/troff? My current command sequence is this:
% tbl <file_name> | nroff > lpr -Pprinter1

Thanks in advance,

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