Re: It's simple...

From: Joachim Feise (
Date: 12/10/03

Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 20:11:40 -0800

John Hasler wrote:

> Sybren Stüvel writes:
>>Q: God, root, what is difference?
>>A: God can change the byte order on the CPU, root can't.
> Unless he's running a MIPS machine...

Or a PowerPC. Or an IA-64.
"MIPS was originally a big-endian architecture; MIPS added
little-endian support to induce DEC, with a little-endian
legacy, to adopt MIPS processors for its desktop systems.
IBM had a big-endian legacy on its workstation and server
systems and a little-endian legacy on its x86 based personal
computers and wanted to support both with the PowerPC
architecture. The IA-64 architecture resulted from a
collaboration between Intel, with a little-endian legacy, and
Hewlett Packard with a big-endian legacy on its workstations,
so it, too, supports both."