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Date: 01/16/04

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 12:52:06 -0500

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 17:12:35 +1300, TeXeL wrote:

> It's great to see Linux being promoted.
> The distribution Linux OS needs to be more uniform for the mainstream -
> the interface needs to be ENTIRELY skinnable - every application needs to
> support first-level interface functionality, across the entire OS.
> Applications written for KDE need to be able to, when used in GNOME, adapt
> the user's GNOME themes, skins, look etc. automatically.
> All applications need to support an OS-wide graphical environment - take
> aMSN for example. Unless you're a fan of KDE1's default look (which i'm
> definately not - i like nice graphics =P), aMSN (default skin, these days)
> looks TERRIBLY ugly when placed in a new KDE3.1 installation, the
> scrollbars have the KDE1 look.. it's hideous and looks like its not meant
> to be there. Mozilla Firebird doesn't follow the user's system-wide
> appearance either. If you have black 3d-items, Firebird comes along and
> contrasts it with creamy grey.. it's a killer on the eyes.

Is this wish as stated true of ANY OS/Desktop? Meaning WinXP, too. Are
there *any* desktop environments that are consistent as you wish for.
Apple MacOSX, maybe...

> Its these sorts of plaguing problems that are one of the main downfalls of
> Linux as a desktop OS.

Nope. It is fear of change and lack of understanding by the masses,
leading to low adoption rates leading to lack of "killer apps" published
by big players like Adobe, Macromedia, and even Microsoft.

<snip realtively coherent statement about linux's open source pros/cons>
> I get a little bit annoyed when you say that Microsoft is now the "Dark
> Empire" being the sole reason that computer tech isnt going anywhere..
> Over the last 10 years it's been MICROSOFT who has primarily pushed tech
> development, whether you like it or not, if Microsoft didn't exist, we'd
> still be using Pentium-2 level hardware. Hell, Microsoft is the sole
> reason why Apple still exists.. well not quite that dramatic, but its
> the sole reason why they're as prominant as they are now.
> Microsoft make good software - if tomorrow the stakes changed, and
> suddenly Linux had 90% of the market, i'm absolutely positive we'd be in
> a worse position than we are now - Microsoft is no Dark Empire. They're
> there because they are the best at what they do, period.

MS doesn't make their *own* software!! They wait for some other company to
produce something they think is useful and they buy or license it! Or they
have it developed in partnership with other companies.

Who wrote the firewalling software for Win2000? Cisco
Who put MP3 and DVD capabilities into Windows Media Player? CyberLink,
InterVideo and RAVISENT
I wish I could think of others; I know they exist.

Of course, this is not unusual practice. I'm jsut pointing out that MS is
not the sole developer of MS products.

And MS is the best because they are the best at marketing marketing
marketing. Just like the Beta vs. VHS wars in the 80's, the best
technology does not always win out. Have you *used* MacOSX? Mac OS is
and always has been in many ways superior to Windows, at least for the
average user. Where is there market share?

> With IBM promoting Linux it might get some developers starting to
> suggest similar things to what I have - about unifying linux. Microsoft
> did it to Windows, and look where it got them - they have 90% of the
> market and a vastly superior OS. It would be very nice to have a second
> OS on the market that provides quality on-par with Windows.

There is a second: Apple MacOSX.

Unifying Linux will probably not happen. But it doesn't need to, and in
fact, *shouldn't* happen. It is not part of Linux culture.

The problem here is a clash of Windows monoculture with the Linux

Repeat after me, "Linux is NOT Windows. Linux is NOT Windows..."

But it doesn't need to or want to be Windows.

Ugh, I don't know why I went to such lengths to reply to a troll. crap.

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