Re: Linux newbie wants to try Suns' OS

From: Ralph (
Date: 02/02/04

Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 17:59:05 GMT

Richard Steiner wrote:

> Here in alt.os.linux,
> (Carlos Gomez) spake unto us, saying:
>>I'm a Microsoft user. I live and breathe Microsoft technologies.
> It's a wonder you're still alive. :-)
> Unified macro languages are uncommon. Microsoft is able to provide
> such a tool because it's a single entity, and as such has the power
> to encourage its usage.

The problem with a one size fits all solution is, one size never fits all.
In other words, having only one solution means it will not fit all the
needs a user can have.

> In the Linux world, there are a large number of tools available for
> various things. It provides flexibility, but it also increases the
> learning curve.

It also means that you have languages that best meet the needs.

bash for very simple scripting of command line arguments

PHP for web based pages

Perl for more advacned scripting and web authoring...

I would not want to use PHP to write a cron script to move files and I would
not want to use bash to write a web page.

> If you seriously want to use Linux effectively, you need to accept
> the fact that it won't be a drop-in replacement for Windows.

Thank god! Windows hides the power of the computer from the user and there
is easy way to get past that. Linux puts the power in the hands of the

> That means learning new things.
> If you aren't willing to learn, I'd suggest you not even start. All
> you'll do is frustrate yourself.